Hi, I’m Roo Ciambriello.

(ch ch ch sounds)

Zero percent Italian; don’t be fooled by the surname. (Actually hapa; NPR's got the details.)

I’m the Creative Director at Bark, where I lead a fleet of sharp copywriters and cool designers.

But backing up a little —  in 2010, I started working for myself, launching successful websites and writing for outlets of note, including advertising publication Adweek.

I’ve written copy for brands all over — from Boulder to Brooklyn to Boston — and my words appear on packaging in Whole Foods, Target, Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Kroger, Stop & Shop, and various other stores.

I’ve named brands and products, created taglines, come up with fun one-liners, and weighed in on branding, design, voice, and marketing strategy. 

I’ve done a little ghostwriting, which is absolutely the sketchiest part of my resume. "I write cool stuff on behalf of famous people, but I can't tell you who or where!"

And while it's on a completely other plane of writing than copywriting and ghostwriting, I feel endeared to heavier work I've done — including a trip to SE Asia to write about human trafficking.

I also speak at conferences and events, covering topics like freelance writing, women in business, advertising, and work-life balance. My work and/or I have appeared/been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Parents, HLN, Women's Health, BabyCenter, local news outlets, and definitely on my mom's Facebook page.

I live in New Haven (home to Yale and really good pizza), and my work is fueled largely by takeout and Spotify playlists.

Channeling my inner Frida at a breakfast burrito spot in San Antonio.

Channeling my inner Frida at a breakfast burrito spot in San Antonio.