Steve Ball
Co-Founder, I and love and you

Roo is the creative force behind the brand voice and personality of "I and love and you" (ILY). She's an exceptional copywriter and brand strategist who has been key in building the ILY brand. Not only does Roo always deliver the best possible copy, but she also knows how to be on-point with the marketing message. 

Roo's wit, cleverness, and eloquence are unmatched, while her attention to detail and organizational skills enable her to complete projects on time, which has been critical for a new brand like ILY on tight timelines. Plus she's fun and easy to work with so even the most challenging projects go smoothly. Roo is by far the best copywriter I've ever worked with.

Chris mears
founder, little secrets

Roo and I worked closely together to develop the Little Secrets Brand. She played a huge role in not only developing the brand personality and voice but the design as well. In fact, I asked her feedback on just about everything brand – Design, Web, Social, Communications. I honestly have no idea where we would be today without Roo – it actually scares the crap out of me. 

When we decided to “rebrand” after about 6 months of our initial launch (don’t ask), she was one of my first phone calls and my sidekick as we entered the nerve racking journey of finding our identity. 

Roo has an incredible ability to find your soul and bring it to life in a very personal, authentic, and approachable way. She brings so much passion to her work and really cares about finding your “voice” that is in line with the brand goals. 

If I’m ever dumb enough to launch a brand again I will call Roo. 

Tim Nudd
Editor, Adweek

Roo has been a contributing writer to Adweek magazine since October 2013. I have been her editor for all of that time. 

She is one of my most gifted and reliable writers. She has good story sense, she turns assignments around quickly and skillfully, and her editorial voice strikes the perfect balance between playful and smart. 

Almost everything she writes gets a strong response from our readers and lots of pageviews. In fact, Roo has one of the highest pageviews-per-story ratios of any Adweek writer. 

Her writing is strong, and she's a great person to work with. I could use another dozen freelancers just like her.

Lisa Hyman
Co-Founder, goodDog Agency

Roo has saved the day for us many a time. Whether it's [work] penned in a voice not quite her own, copy lines for an evolving campaign, clever names for a business in need of a new identity, or snappy and smart manifestos for a brand, Roo has always delivered -- and so fast! She is a true gem: a consummate pro, a whip-smart collaborator, and a nice person to boot.

Brendan Synnott
CEO of PACT Apparel
Co-Founder of evol Burritos
Founder of Bear Naked Granola

Roo has wit beyond belief, and can make any subject approachable and personal. Brands come alive with her influence and ideas.

Zak Normandin
Founder, Little Duck Organics

Roo played an integral part in laying the foundation for the brand, both in voice/tone through copywriting, and also visually by providing her thoughts, feedback & recommendations on the visual aspects of package design, website layout, and overall imagery of the brand.  She wrote all of the copy for our Tiny Fruits line, resulting in the prestigious ‘Best Packaging’ award at Expo East. Additionally, she set the overall tone for the brand through website copy & social media conversations, which continues to be a key differentiator as our company continues to grow.  Roo possesses a unique blend of skill & intuition — something rare to find in a creative.

Suzanne Xie
Founder and CEO, Hullabalu

Roo is an absolute pleasure to work with, and brings an expert understanding of how to speak to a brand’s target audience. Her writing is funny, fresh and down-to-earth. I’m already looking forward to working with her again on a social media / writing project!

Zachary DeAngelo

Roo has the very rare talent to consistently create a meaningful and unique voice for every brand that she engages with. She makes the effort to understand the nuances of your business: the customer, the package, the mission, and the people. The result is a clear messaging platform that actually means something, which is a far greater asset than just good copy.