"I and love and you"

Project: brand voice creation, product naming, packaging copy, website copy, marketing collateral, cool t-shirts.

“I and love and you” is a shiny new premium brand of natural pet care products. Their packaging breaks out of the industry norm. No green bag. No happy retriever frolicking through an open field. Definitely a fun project. They let me run with ridiculous dialogue between anthropomorphized coyotes, and I love them for it.

BRAND TAGLINE: "We love pets, fur real."

Not sure exactly when it started, but, not too long ago, people started putting things in cat food that have no business being there. Like grains and fillers and teeny tiny cyborgs programmed to play the maracas on command. Suddenly, finding high quality cat food was about as easy as spotting the Loch Ness monster or inviting a pack of unicorns over for a basement ping pong tournament. So when we made Poultry a plenty, we included whole, deboned meat and real fruits + vegetables. No, no, Grains. You're not invited to this party. Our unicorns will show you to the door.