speaking + press

I speak at various events throughout the year, from roundtable sessions for writers to workshops for women in business to rooms full of high schoolers who are passionate about social issues.

I cover industry-related topics — branding, writing, women in business, advertising, and work-life integration, but I've also spoken on passion projects as well, including food allergies and human trafficking. 


“Knowing Your Expertise + Your Audience”
Dad 2.0 Summit, San Antonio, February 2019

”CyberSafe Parent Week”
WTNH, New Haven, February 2019

Comedy Keynote
CMC, Boston, April 2019

“Bark Helps Keep Kids Safe Online”
iHeartRadio, Hartford, March 2018

“Mom Markets Monitoring Service for Teens’ Phones”
Hartford Courant article by Sarah Cody, February 2018

"Trust Your Way” Baby Dove Launch Panel
Unilever, Montauk, November 2016

"Mylan Reacts to Epi-Pen Backlash"
Wall Street Journal article by Jonathan Rockoff, September 2016

"Maker of Epi-Pens Under Pressure"
Fox61, September 2016

"An Intro to Script Writing" Workshop
Bridges Community, West Haven, September 2016

"Work-life Integration: Is Balance a Myth?"
Mom 2.0 Summit, Laguna Niguel, April 2016

"Smart Ad Campaigns — It's Not About the Products"
SXSW, Austin, March 2016

"Assessing ROI Through Various Value Positions"
BlogHer, New York City, July 2015

"The Art of the Ask"
Mom 2.0 Summit, Scottsdale, April 2015

"Everything is Negotiable — Until It Isn't"
Dad 2.0 Summit, San Francisco, February 2015

"Human Rights"
Global Events at Jonathan Law High School, Milford, January 2015